Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems are as diverse as business itself. Just as there are not two businesses that are identical in turn there is not an alarm system that can fit every need for every business. As with all of our systems and designs here at Star Security Systems they are custom tailored to each individual application. We offer everything from Burglar Alarms to Fire Alarms, Closed Circuit Camera Surveillance Systems and Card Access Systems. Contact us anytime and let one of our expert staff help you evaluate your security needs. As always we will strive to inform you to the best of our ability with no obligation.


MA3000 Advanced Features:

  • 12 to 96 Fully Programmable Zones designed for UL Commercial and residential burglary and fire
  • Includes 9 True Partitions
  • 96 Multi-function User Codes
  • 800-Event History Log with Real Time Clock
  • 255 Event Scheduler
  • 8 to 64 Programmable Auxiliary Relay Outputs Provision for the Incorporation of Home Automation and Derived Channel/Long-Range Radio Phone line Backups Systems.
  • Fuseless Auto-Re-settable Poly switch
  • Built-In Access Control Capability Up to 8 points of access control enabled at the Keypad Access codes can be logged by station user ID and time
  • The access control is immediately available through the PMG wire at each Keypad.
  • Exclusive Sensor Watch Feature continuously monitors motion detectors for proper operation.
  • UL Burglary/UL Fire; Commercial & Residential (NFPA 72/C,71);NFPA 71 Signaling Systems for Central Station, California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) Commercial Fire, FM (pending);D.O.C.,FCC.
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