Residential Alarms


We will help you protect your family

protecting your family is your number one priority. Your home should be a safe haven for your family, where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about home security Let us help you achieve that goal, with a NAPCO Home Security System that’s fit for your family and lifestyle! Think of us as a well trained watchdog guarding your entire home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gemini English Language Keypad

Intuitive English language display readout shows system messages in the words you know. Back lit keys glow for your touch.

Coordinates with wireless key fobs, as well as myriad wireless sensors.

Gemini Keyfob

This simple 4-button key fob has goof-poof on/off operation. It allows you to arm/disarm your alarm system and optionally lights/appliances with the push of a button, from outside your home.

Deluxe LCD Key fob

2-Way Communication – This handy remote control shows you the status of your alarm system on its innovative LCD screen with easy to read icons, (ex: flame, lock, unlock, etc.) This two-way system gives you virtually instant feedback verifying your command went through by a change of icon. For example your alarm is armed when you see a closed lock. Instead of using a standard keypad to disarm your security system, you can now disarm it with the push of a button just like your car alarm! The Deluxe Ky fob can also be used to control 2 garage doors and 2 groups of lighting. That’s a welcome feature when coming home to a dark house.

Make your home safe for your family


In the recent past, home security systems were regarded as luxuries only the rich would need or could afford. But, in today’s society, home security systems can be found in virtually all types of homes, in all kinds of neighborhoods – in most cases they are standard equipment in new home construction.

The new school of thought is that home security systems are as much of a necessity as computers, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. With everyone’s busy lifestyles nowadays, there is no time to ask people to keep a watchful eye out, plus most times your neighbors out about too. And, Local police just can’t be everywhere, making home security systems even more important.

Whether it’s protecting your family from burglary or from a devastating fire, our products can do it all. Our advanced security systems are very easy to operate, and will protect your home without a thought or a care. While your’re out you have peace of mind, because you can think of ours as a second pair of eyes, always focused on your home!

With such a wide range of products, we can customize a security system that fits your individual needs, and budget. From a basic system, to a complete home automation networked home, where such things as climate control and lighting can be activated by your routines or the push of a button, we can customize a system fit for you.

With the growing crime rates in some areas of the country, why wouldn’t you protect your family with a home security system? Let our state-of-the-art, central monitoring office be the “Eyes and Ears” of your home, keeping you and your family safe!

Gemini Control Panels

Gemini Control Panels are the computerized brains of your system. They offer you the safety and convenience you should expect from a security system. With many different panels ranging from 8 to 200 zones, your security professional will find the advanced Napco Gemini Panel needed to create your family’s custom system. All Napco Security Control Panels offer multiple users so all family members can have their own arm/disarm or on/off codes, and all systems support multiple Back lit Designer Keypads for your convenience. With all of their great features it’s hard to find better match for your home than Napco Gemini. Whether you are interested in a basic home security system or a completely automated home. Gemini is the answer.

Gemini Designer Alpha keypad

One of our most popular keypads, the GEM-K1CA has a deluxe 32-Character custom back lit alphanumeric dual line display for easy reading and customization of your zones by the room names you’ll recognize (e.g. Gui’s Room). Keys light up when touched as well. With easy to read, Menu-driven English usage prompts, this keypad makes using it virtually child’s play. This keypad also features 3 optional panic buttons for fire, Police, and Auxiliary.