Small Business Systems

Security is just as important to the small business as it is to large commercial coprorations. At Star Security Systems our goal is to create for you a security system that fits your specific needs. it every need for every business. Contact us and let one of our experts sit down with you and determine exactly what your small business needs.


Intrusion Alarms

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Fire Detection
  • Environmental Protection ( High Temp, Low Temp, Water Detection Etc.)
  • 24Hour alarms on storage areas and infrequently used areas
  • Log who comes and goes 24 hours a day

Camera Systems

  • Reduce shrinkage due to shoplifting
  • Keep track of employee time and attendance
  • Record events inside and outside to reduce liability lawsuits
  • Interface cameras to your cash register to watch sales transactions
  • Record and prosecute vandalism claims
  • View your facility from a remote location via the internet
  • Recording with digital equipment eliminates the need for tapes


Card Access Systems

  • Control the flow of personnel
  • Track time and attendance of employees
  • Do not have to retrieve keys from employees who are fired or quit
  • Program certain people to have access to only certain areas
  • Issue temporary access to visitors
  • Have the ability to restrict access on a moments notice